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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

world Cup 2011 in eyes on camera

world's Richest International Football Clubs 2011 and their Earning review

1. Real Madrid, Spain

The Spanish Giants might be second in the League at the moment, but they are the clear winners at top of the charts for the Richest Clubs in Europe with a staggering revenue of €438.6 million till the 30th June 2010.

2.Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Spain worlds second richest football club 201

The Catalanian giants might be comfortable on top of the league, but trail their traditional rivals as they earned €398.1 million to retain the 2nd spot on the list.

Manchester United, England
Manchester United england worlds third richest football clur

The English clubs were not to be left behind their Spanish counter-parts as League leaders Manchester United came third on the list with an earning of 349.8 million.

Bayern Munich, Germany

Bayern Munich, Germany fourth richest club

The 22 time German Giants stuck to their fourth spot on the list with an earning of €323.0 million.

Arsenal, England

Arsenal, England fifth richest club

The lack of silverware for the Gunners has reflected on their earnings as they remain on the 5th spot on the earnings list with a total revenue of €274.1 million.

Chelsea, England

Chelsea, England six richest club

Though Chelsea's season has been highlighted by dismal displays, their revenue hasn't dipped down as they collected €255.9 million to stay on the 6th spot. The amount however, was not enough as Roman Abramovich owned Chelsea ended 2010 on heavy losses.
AC Milan, Italy

AC Milan, Italy  seventh richest club

The Italian Giants might be without any silverware since 2007, but they have climbed four spots from their previous ranking after earning €235.8 million.
Liverpool, England

Liverpool, England  eight richest football club

Failing to qualify for the Champions League and ending the 2009-10 season at a dismal seventh position has affected Liverpool in all aspects. They have gone down a place on the revenue list as they earned about €225.3 million.
Inter Milan, Italy

Inter Milan, Italy  ninth richest club

The ups and downs on the field have not affected their revenue; Inter Milan's revenue has been stable as they racked up €224.8 million.
Juventus, Italy

Juventus, Italy world tenth richest football club

The Old Lady might have been resurgent on their climb in the Serie A standings, but Juventus has lost 2 spots from last year as they could only stack up €205.0 million as their revenue.