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Sunday, November 21, 2010

ICC agrees on new code for domestic cricket

The Executive Board of the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Sunday agreed on implementing a global Anti-Corruption Code for the sport at the domestic level.
“The Board met via teleconference on Sunday to receive an update on the progress being made by the Pakistan Cricket Board in conjunction with the ICC Pakistan Task Team (PTT), which also met earlier in the day, in implementing the key action steps required by the ICC Board to preserve the integrity of cricket,” said an ICC media release.
“The Board expressed satisfaction at the progress of the work being undertaken by the Pakistan Task Team and the PCB which has already established an Integrity Committee and appointed an Integrity Officer. The Board noted that the PCB has suitably implemented or begun to implement the ICC Executive Board’s requirements within the 30-day time period set,” it added.
The Board also agreed unanimously that members should introduce an Anti-Corruption Code for their domestic cricket which mirrors that of the ICC by 1 April 2011.
Haroon Lorgat, the ICC Chief Executive, confirmed to the Board that he had written to all ICC members on October 20 requesting members to review the adequacy their own processes and procedures to protect against the threat of corruption (domestic and international) and where necessary introduce new measures which would include a domestic anti-corruption code which mirrors the ICC code.
Lorgat added: “In helping the PCB, the ICC has prepared a template domestic Anti-Corruption Code, which incorporates in a consistent manner the same principles, offences procedures and sanctions as those set out in the ICC Anti-Corruption Code.
“It was unanimously agreed to accept a proposal from the PTT, that all ICC members, starting with full members, should implement a domestic Anti-Corruption Code in its jurisdiction on or before April 1, 2011. Where no domestic Anti-Corruption Code exists the Board agreed that the template should be incorporated as soon as possible and where an Anti-Corruption Code does exist that a review of those rules should be carried out to consider their adequacy.”
The ICC Board agreed that all members should consider the proactive steps being taken by the PCB to ensure that their own internal processes on anti-corruption issues are robust and adequate to deal with the challenges faced and these should include structures to deal with integrity issues; on-going education planning and delivery; reporting of integrity concerns in domestic cricket and the vetting of player agents.
“It would be of great benefit to all stakeholders within the game for all ICC members to adopt a domestic Anti-Corruption Code and a template will immediately be sent to all Full members. ICC has a zero-tolerance towards corruption and we will do everything we can to protect the integrity of our great sport. All members have a responsibility to demonstrate leadership and good practice in protecting the integrity of the sport at domestic and international level, said Lorgat.
The Board also noted the PTT work in progress to review and provide recommendations to support the PCB in carrying out necessary reforms to restore confidence in the administration of the game in Pakistan while they re-iterated that team selection is solely the responsibility of the PCB. PCB must therefore ensure that its selection policies are appropriate and amongst other criteria, adhere to the principles and values of international cricket.

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